Harry Potter Fan Theories

In class we talked about the various endings to The Mystery of Edwin Drood that critics and fans have come up with and attempted to prove. However, as we all agreed, some of these theories were simply not supported by the text. Today, the internet is riddled with fan theories that often times seem ridiculous, however every once in a while there is a really good one that takes the internet by storm. Recently, a new Harry Potter fan theory, in which Dumbledore is actually Death, has been receiving a lot of attention and I have to say it is my favorite one so far. I attached a link to an article from businessinsider.com that explains the theory. It is interesting how fan theories can reignite the public’s interest in books, but I think this is simply because it really is fun to look at a past favorite from a new perspective.

Also, J.K. Rowling recently went on twitter to debunk various theories from the internet, and I attached a link to some of her responses. She says that the Dumbledore as Death theory is her favorite because “it is beautiful and it fits.”


J.K. Rowling twitter

Dumbledore as Death



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