Grammy Concert Commercial

I have always been amazed at the strategic fitting of commercials inside of a television program.  There are television broadcasts that fit in different types of commercials that relate to the audience in so many different ways.  For example, this past Sunday I watched the Grammy Concert in the background while working on a paper.  In between Carrie Underwood’s ballads and Adam Levine’s rock songs, there were commercials with A-list celebrities that made me think that the broadcast was still going on when in fact, they were on break.  This reminded me of Super bowl commercials and how they have a method of marketing that attracts people who like football.  So the commercials that would play throughout the super bowl game would probably have something to do with food, sports gear, or have a really famous athlete.  Some advertisements that air during the super bowl have absolutely nothing to do with football, or sports in general, but because the Superbowl is such a widely viewed event, the exposure is really great for the product.  However because these commercial slots are so coveted, they can cost millions of dollars.

In addition to the Grammy Concert and the super bowl, another program that has a lot of advertisements is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  During commercial breaks, there were lots of commercials that had to do with either fashion, perfume, or undergarments.  Talk about a targeted audience.  In addition to the commercials, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is it’s own advertisement.  Although the undergarments that they have are really no different from any other undergarment that you see out there, the giant butterfly wings, ribbons, thigh-high boots, and other elaborations cause the consumer to think otherwise.  The fashion show advertises a product so simple, that every woman needs and does it in a way that asks the consumer to buy into an idea.  Victoria’s Secret sells the idea that any woman can be an “angel” if they buy their undergarments.

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