The Role of Music in Advertising

Music can change he way you view the world.  Giddy Christmas music can draw the consumer out of me to purchase things that neither my friends nor I would ever need.  Whether I am hearing the beautiful melisma of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas,” or the nostalgic, romantic Wham! ballad “Last Christmas,” music has a way of influencing my mood by unlocking a set of emotions with sleigh bells, a good beat, and lyrics that speak to whatever I am feeling that day.  The angsty belts of Avril Lavigne used to be able to influence me to purchase those rock-star earrings I bought at Forever 21 about eight years ago.

Music functions as a bridge between the consumer and the product.  Music is probably so influential because it emphasizes the dramatic moments between drama in life that create a brand, life motto, or quote that people live by.  Music delivers messages subconsciously to the listener who are probably nonchalantly nodding along to the beat and humming the melody while looking at items that the music targets.  Different tempos, time changes, pitches, and content have a variety of purpose.

The jingles that consumers hear when they watch a commercial have that same purpose of targeting the audience to remember a certain brand, attached with a set of emotions, and most of all the jingle is memorable which appeals to the drama of the advertisement.  Different products can also ffiliate themselves with different genres of music according to audience.  For example, in Forever 21, the audience is primarily middle school and high school girls.  The artists you would hear in that shop would probably be people like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Avril Lavigne, and P!nk.  In a Harry Potter movie, you would probably hear an adventurous symphony in the background of a breathtaking escapade.  In a Twilight movie, you would probably hear something romantic, yet sad, and probably a little “alternative.”  The genre depends on the audience and targets consumers through this way of “branding.”



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