Gym/ New Year’s resolution

I may have already mentioned that I work at the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center.  One new thing that we are offering this year is the “60 for 60.”  The “60 for 60” is a promotional idea that we are trying out in order to get more people to try the gym out for a little while so they can have a chance to consider getting a membership.  Typically, the average price for a gym membership can run you somewhere between forty and fifty dollars a month.  A dollar a day for a gym membership is a pretty great bargain.  The best part of this temporary membership is that it goes from December 1st to January 31st.  All of the guilt that people feel after their Thanksgiving dinner and in the days that approach Christmas can be relieved with the help of the gym membership.  Not only does the membership let new people try out the recreation and wellness center for a couple of months in order to see if they would actually use it, but it also does it for a relatively small price tag.  The amount of cost is as low as it would ever be, so the urge to try the membership is pretty strong.  Guest passes are ten dollars a day, so just six days of going to the gym would cost you the same amount as the temporary membership.

People typically make New Year resolutions to get healthier, bulk up, or lose weight so this promotional idea is very strategically placed.  Even better is the idea that people will get a “head-start” on this health resolution instead of starting it on January first like everyone else.  While the holidays are usually a time when people think about all that they can eat, purchase, and consume, it is interesting to see that there is also a marketing ploy to get people to become “users” and not just “consumers.”

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