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Meet Jenna Gorlewicz

Apr. 20, 2016—Drawn by the faculty and research at Vanderbilt, Jenna Gorlewicz worked on many projects during her time at Vanderbilt.  Eventually, she formed her research as a way to connect with the people that use the technologies she was developing.  Haptics and touchscreens are a match made in heaven, and the potential it has for education...

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Meet Camille Burge

Feb. 19, 2016—Camille Burge entered Vanderbilt with an idea of using her degree for work in politics–not the academy.  After really enjoying her teaching experiences, she switched her career plans.  Though the academic job market is a scary place, she learned that preparation is the best tool at your disposal.  Below she shares her perspective on how...

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Meet Carolyn Davis

Dec. 11, 2015—After exploring the academic job market during the final years of her doctoral program, Carolyn stopped to reflect on what she really wanted for her life and what career options allowed her to continue pursuing her passions for research, teaching, and advocacy—and she opened herself to the possibility that such opportunities might be available outside...

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Meet David Wiseman

Jun. 29, 2015—David Wiseman has enthusiastically explored his interests. From translating to editing to teaching, he has passionately pursued any opportunity to further his professional development, and it has served him well. His diversity of experience has allowed him to have many different positions. Instead of following a traditional career path, he has created one. Jessica Parks-Piatt:...

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Meet Tugba Gursel Sevin

May. 27, 2015—Tugba Gursel Sevin feels very lucky to have grown up in a multilingual family and environment in her native land, Turkey.  She pulled from her own experiences of learning Spanish as a non-native speaker and applied that to being a language and literature teacher to other students whose first language was not Spanish.  While she...

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Meet Neil Templeton

Mar. 20, 2015—In 2014, Neil Templeton graduated from Vanderbilt’s Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering program.  Currently he is working at Merck & Co as a Senior Scientist in Bioprocess Development.  We caught up with him to see how he made the transition from the academic lab to the pharmaceutical industry. Jessica Parks-Piatt: So tell me what research you...

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Meet Fan Fei Chong

Mar. 4, 2015—My dissertation research is in the area of Non-commutative Geometry. This is a branch of Mathematics which seeks to build relations (‘duality’) between several seemingly unrelated areas of Mathematics, so that tools in one area may be lent to yield elegant solutions to hard problems in another area. My work was very theoretical which was...

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Meet Krista Craven

Jan. 30, 2015—In my application to Vanderbilt, I outlined my interest in utilizing a less conventional approach to research, known as participatory action research (PAR).  PAR involves elucidating the main issues that are of relevance to a particular group or community through dialogue and collaborative data collection and analysis, and then creating and implementing a plan of...

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Meet Caree Banton

Jan. 16, 2015—Growing up as a Caribbean immigrant in the US, history gave me a way to find my identity and orientation within the scope of humanity.  Though my parents wanted me to study computer science in order to find a lucrative career, my passion has always been and always will be history.  While at Vanderbilt, my...

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Meet Andrew Greer

Nov. 14, 2014—While at Vanderbilt I focused my dissertation on the effectiveness and efficiency of homelessness prevention in California and New York.  The evaluation work I am doing now at Westat is a logical continuation of that.  For example, I build statistical models to evaluate whether homelessness services affect a variety of outcomes.  Compared to my program,...

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