English Language Center

International Student Support

International student support International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) – International Student & Scholar Services fosters the education and development of non-immigrant students and scholars to enable them to achieve their academic and professional goals and objectives. Vanderbilt – Learn more about Nashville, your new hometown! Biomedical Research Education & Training – Information for Internationals English Language Center…

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Spouse/partner issues

Spouse/partner issues English Language Center – General English for partners and spouses General English Conversation for VU Employees and Spouses/Partners is a tuition-free course designed to teach listening, speaking, reading and writing to Vanderbilt employees and VU community spouses/partners who are non-native Speakers of English. The focus is to enable students to use English in…

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Presenting and public speaking

Presenting & Public Speaking (starting Year 2) Biomedical Research Education & Training (BRET) – Poster printing services Available for PhD students who work for a faculty member affiliated with the School of Medicine, including a secondary appointment at VUSM. Peabody – For Peabody Students Only: Peabody Travel Awards English Language Center – English for Academic and…

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Ready to build your teaching skills and portfolio? Click here for resources.

Teaching skills and portfolio

Teaching skills and portfolio Peabody Office of Professional & Graduate Education (POPGE) – Teaching Assistant Informational Handout Center for Teaching (CFT) – Teaching guides: Numerous resources for Teaching Assistants CFT – Syllabus and course design consultation: Any faculty member, graduate student, or post-doc teaching at Vanderbilt can request a course design consultation. This is a…

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English learning skills

English learning skills ELC – English Language Center: The Vanderbilt University English Language Center (ELC) supports the educational mission of Vanderbilt University by providing quality English language instruction to nonnative speakers of English. The ELC provides courses and services to address the professional, academic, and practical language needs of international students, staff, faculty and spouses….

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Academic Writing

B. Academic writing BRET – Self-paced scientific writing: This series of 14 lessons and exercises was developed at Vanderbilt. It covers the structure of manuscripts and proposals, tips for making writing more efficient, and revision techniques to improve organization, logical flow, and sentence structure. Available to anyone with a VUNetID. English Language Center – English…

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