Applications for New Round of Internal Teaching Grants Now Available

The Office of the Provost established two internal funding programs in April 2021, the Educational Advancement Fund and the Course Improvement Grant, designed to support excellence in the classroom through continued pedagogical advancement and long-term educational transformation. The deadline to submit for the upcoming second round of funding is October 15. Read More . . ….

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Apply for dissertation support

Apply for dissertation support Graduate School – Dissertation enhancement grant To apply for this grant you must be working on your dissertation full-time. These grants are intended to enhance already outstanding dissertation projects by permitting the addition of a new dimension, additional breadth, or other worthwhile extensions. Peabody Office of Professional & Graduate Education (POPGE) –…

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Applying for early career funding

Applying for early career funding Biomedical Research Education & Training (BRET) – For Biomedical Studies Only: NRSA funding The Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards (NRSAs) are awarded by the NIH to individual graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to fund their training in the biomedical sciences. Pivot – This database offers comprehensive and up-to-date funding opportunities…

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Presenting and public speaking

Presenting & Public Speaking (starting Year 2) Biomedical Research Education & Training (BRET) – Poster printing services Available for PhD students who work for a faculty member affiliated with the School of Medicine, including a secondary appointment at VUSM. Peabody – For Peabody Students Only: Peabody Travel Awards English Language Center – English for Academic and…

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Exploring professional conferences

Exploring professional conferences Graduate School – Travel Grant Scholarships are available to encourage students to present at national and international conferences. Peabody – For Peabody Students Only: Student travel memo Peabody – For Peabody Students Only: Peabody Student International Travel Policy DGS – Talk to your DGS about professional development funds and holding an activity within your…

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Working on campus while writing your dissertation

Working on campus while writing your dissertation Numerous opportunities are available for continued teaching, research, and other assistantships after your award expires. Contact the person in your department who assigns teaching and research assistants. Additionally, contact faculty about research grant opportunities. Other possibilities include: Peabody – Peabody Fellows Program (For Peabody PhD students only): Contact c.heflinger@vanderbilt.edu…

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