ASPIRE Job Search Series: Preparing for a Teaching Demo

How do you put together an effective teaching demonstration for a job interview? How is it different from a research seminar and how can you link the two? Come learn about key considerations for developing this important piece of your interview portfolio. Date: Thursday, October 21 Time: 11:00 Location: Light Hall 419 BCD REGISTER ….

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Developing peer network within and outside your department

Developing peer network (within and outside your department) Center for Teaching – Certificate of Teaching Workshop The purpose of the Certificate in College Teaching is to assist graduate students and post doctoral fellows who wish to gain a clearer, deeper, more active approach to teaching and learning in higher education. Includes presentation and seminar with…

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Ready to build your teaching skills and portfolio? Click here for resources.

Teaching skills and portfolio

Teaching skills and portfolio Peabody Office of Professional & Graduate Education (POPGE) – Teaching Assistant Informational Handout Center for Teaching (CFT) – Teaching guides: Numerous resources for Teaching Assistants CFT – Syllabus and course design consultation: Any faculty member, graduate student, or post-doc teaching at Vanderbilt can request a course design consultation. This is a…

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Starting your teaching prep

Starting your teaching prep Center for Teaching – Teaching Assistant Orientation: To assist new TAs as they prepare for their duties, the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching offers its Teaching Assistant Orientation (TAO) each August. Center for Teaching – GradStep: Held in January each year, GradSTEP provides several workshops and discussions on teaching, learning, and…

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