IMG_1182Assistant Professor of the Practice, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Senior Faculty Fellow, Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Education

Chair, A&S Faculty Council

Immersion Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences

Office: Stevenson Center 6702

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Ph.D. Vanderbilt University, 2011
M.S. Vanderbilt University, 2006
B.S. University of the South, 2002


Igneous Petrology & Geochemistry
Magmatic Processes & Timescales
Geoscience Education

General Research Interests

I am interested in silicic magmatic systems, including plutonic, volcanic, and what lies in between. This includes differentiation of magmas, timescales of magmatic processes, longevity of magmatic systems, signatures of magmatic processes recorded in rocks, glasses, and minerals, and assembly of plutons and sub-volcanic plumbing systems.  I am particularly interested in how the mineral assemblages of igneous rocks record these processes, including the accessory mineral zircon.  I use fieldwork, petrography, geochronology, geothermometry, geochemistry and textural analysis to address these questions.

I also apply research methods to improving geoscience education.  I focus on understanding best practices for teaching in the classroom and the field and for mentoring undergraduate research.  I also work on issues related to bias in student evaluations of teaching and improving diversity in geosciences.