Student Projects

Check out the exciting things I’m currently collaborating on with students!

If you’re a Vanderbilt undergraduate, and you like thinking about rocks, minerals, magmas, or volcanoes, or if you’re a VU graduate student interested in geoscience education, email me at  We’ll set up a time to chat about current and new opportunities!


Jeremy Tallon (class of 2025) Understanding diffusion of Sr in Plagioclase: A Case Study from Mount St. Helens

Easton Maxey (class of 2024) Using Zircon to unravel the magmatic history of the Ora Ignimbrite

Alicia Sigworth (class of 2024) Establishing magmatic history of magmatic intrusion at Spirit Mountain Batholith using feldspars.

Past Student Projects:

Blake Wallrich (PhD, 2022) Blended Online Learning Design: Using virtual field trips to enhance undergraduate petrology education.


Monica Xu (Class of 2021) Investigating the mid-Ordovician North American volcanic flare ups using zircon trace element compositions.

Amelia Baran (class of 2021) History of Mount St. Helens magmatic system, as recorded in feldspars.

Andrew McKinnis (class of 2021) Examining magmatic glasses to better constrain geochemical and magmatic processes at Mount St. Helens and Valles Caldera.

Reilly McNamara (class of 2020) Using whole rock geochemistry and zircon trace element data and geochronology to understand the Mount St. Helens magmatic system.

Kristy Barnes (M.S. 2018)
Examining gender bias in student evaluations of teaching.

Samantha Tramantano (M.S., 2017)
Tramantano, S., Gualda, G.A.R., Claiborne, L.C., Brame, C. (in revision) Developing and incorporating instructional videos and quizzes as a blended and online learning component in an undergraduate optical microscopy curriculum, Journal of Geoscience Education.

Emily Sharp (class of 2018)
Sharp, Emily, Claiborne, Lily L., Foley, Michelle L., Cribb, Warner (2017)  Petrography and Geochemistry of Mount St. Helens Inclusions and Host Dacites: Implications for Magma Transport and Storage Beneath Arc Volcanoes.  Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. Vol. 49, No. 4. Paper No. 52-8.

Marc Fleming (class of 2018)
Claiborne, LL, Miller, CF, Gualda, GAR, Carley, TL, Wooden, JL, Covey, AK,  Fleming, MA (2017) Zircon as magma monitor: Robust partition coefficients from surface, rim, and glass measurements from natural systems: in Moser, D, Corfu, F, Reddy, S, Darling, J, Tait, K (eds), Microstructural Geochronology; lattice to atom-scale records of planetary evolution, AGU Wiley Monograph 232, 402p.

Julia Liu (class of 2016)
Liu, J., Morgan, D.M., Claiborne, L.L., *Padilla, A.J., *Edwards, K., Putkonen, J., Bibby, T., Cribb, J.W. (2015) Zircon Geochemistry of Granitic Rocks from Ong Valley and Moraine Canyon in the Central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

See our REU page for lists of dozens of student projects through that program!