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  1. Hello! My name is Jessy and I’m a freshman. My intended major is HOD/business, but I change my mind a lot, so… Anyway, I like fashion very much. I initially started my passion for fashion because I followed some fancy fashion bloggers on YouTube. I was trying to find some inspirations for my daily outfits. Later I found myself really interested in browsing fashion magazines and websites. So I started to consider whether I want to make fashion my future career. This winter holiday I watched some episodes shot by Vogue and they demonstrated how many jobs there are in the fashion industry and I was fascinated. So here I am! Aspiring to become a fashionable woman.

  2. Hi! I’m Brigitte Jia. An interest in art and fashion overall has led to my taking an interest in Made-in-Italy products and design! I’m deeply interested in stationery design in particular, and I hope to learn more about Made-in-Italy products that center around writing and organization. I’m also interested in the fashion and design of Made-in-Italy footwear and dressmaking. I’ve always loved art, and I enjoy drawing out my ideas and designs for shoes and dresses in my free time.
    I’ve actually experienced the beauty of Italian design, but perhaps in a less modern way than that which is expressed by Made-in-Italy fashion—I play the violin, and there are quite a number of renowned Italian luthiers whose instruments I can only dream of holding in my hands! The same aesthetic of Italian fashion resides in the instruments of Stradivari and Guarneri.

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