Student 2

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  1. Hi! My name is Emily Hurren. I am from Moorestown, New Jersey, and my intended major is Economics. A fun fact about myself is that I am Canadian, and lived in Canada until I was 12! I am interested in Made-in-Italy design because I like fashion in general, and would like to learn more about this specific aspect of the industry. Throughout high school, I began watching fashion shows online and love to see what celebrities wear to award shows and other events. I specifically love looking at prom dresses, and every year I watch the Sherri Hill spring and fall fashion shows the day that they are posted online. I find it interesting how fashion is an art form that involves business and marketing, as it is intended to be sold to people. I am eager to learn about the design side of fashion and how it relates to the business side as it is marketed to consumers, and I am very excited for this class!

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