WordPress Help

Adding Videos

To embed your video in your WordPress page, you’ll first need to upload it to YouTube. Here’s how. The privacy settings for the video must be set to Public or Unlisted (not private) in order for your video to play in the webpage.  Next, follow the instruction in this How to embed a YouTube video in WordPress video.

Changing Fonts

The my.vanderbilt WordPress application does not permit you to change font style or size. You can change color, bolding, italics, Under the drop-down menu “Paragraph” you can choose the last option, ‘preformatted’ to automatically crate a gray box around the text.

If you’d like to create a header with more font attributes, you can create the words in Microsoft Word and grab a screenshot of the text and insert that text image as a photograph on the page.

Here’s how to do a screen grab on a PC

Here’s how to do a screen grab on a Mac

You cannot change the website header, but you may add pictures and images in all pages.

Adding Images

How to add an image to a WordPress page

Adding Audio

  • Save or convert the audio file as an .MP3. If your audio file is saved in a different format, visit Online Audio Converter or Swiftcoverter and convert the file to an .MP3.
  • Save this file to your computer’s desktop.
  • In the WordPress site editor, open the page to which you’d like to add audio.
  • Simply drag the audio file from your computer’s desktop onto the WordPress page.
  • The file will automatically upload to the WordPress site and add an audio player to the page.

Creating Tables (and other special formatting)

This version of Wrodpress does not support tables. Therefore, content that requires special formatting or tables must me created in another application like Microsoft Word or Excel. Once your content is formatted, follow the instructions under the heading ‘Fonts’ above to add the content to the WordPress page.