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If you are interested in organizing a minisymposium, please read the information at Talks to see how to submit a proposal (deadline March 15, 2023).

Current List of Minisymposia and their Organizers (as of 9/29/2022):

  1. Approximation Theory in Data Analysis and Deep Learning. Organizers: Akram Aldroubi (Vanderbilt University) and Ilya Krishtal (Northern Illinois University), 18 speakers
  2. Approximation Methods and Application in Data Science. Organizers: Don Hong and Lu Xiong, Middle Tennessee State University, 12 speakers
  3. Multivariate Splines: Theory and Applications. Organizers: Hendrik Speleers (University of Rome Tor Vergata), Deepesh Toshniwal (Delft University of Technology), Michael DiPasquale (Colorado State University), 12 or 18 speakers
  4. Approximation Theoretic Flavors of Machine Learning. Organizers: Keaton Hamm (University of Arizona) and Steve Damelin (University of Michigan), 6 or 12 speakers
  5. Nonlinear Approximation. Organizer: Peter Binev (University of South Carolina), 6 speakers
  6. Data Reduction, Approximation, and Computation. Organizer: Simon Foucart (Texas A&M) and Bernhard Bodmann (University of Houston)
  7. Complex Approximation (Polynomial Approximation in Analytic Function Spaces). Organizer: Javad Mashreghi (Laval University)