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To register, please click here,  but first note that:

  • To register at the above link, you will have to create an account with a password. The first time you login in, it will ask for a code word for the conference you want to register for — use Theory23.  If you later need to change registration information or want to make a payment, you can log back in as often as you like.
  • When you register you should immediately get a confirmation email.
  • All participants in the meeting must be registered. This can be done at the registration desk at the meeting, but we strongly encourage you to register online in advance. This will help considerably in avoiding congestion at the registration desk, and will help with planning for coffee breaks, the reception and dinner, and the printing of programs and badges.
  • Registration fees are $175 for students and $250 for all others.  If you wait to pay at the meeting, there will be a surcharge ($25 for students and $40 for all others), and it will be impossible to give a talk.
  • To get a spot on the program, you must register online and pay the conference fees by the deadline of April 22. You must also submit an abstract by that date.
  • When you register you will be given the option of purchasing tickets to the conference dinner at a (subsidized) price of $30 for students, and $40 for all others.  You may buy more than one ticket if desired.  It is unlikely that we will have tickets available at the meeting after noon on Monday.
  • We will be compiling a running participant list of those who have pre-registered. However, it may take a few days for your name to appear as this list is not automatically updated. Note: if you don’t want your home address published, use your work address instead.
  • If you register and decide to cancel your participation, please contact us immediately at the conference email so we can remove you from the participant list.  If you have already paid, we may be able to arrange a refund.