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PASL Core Team



Selecting a team of departmental representatives is one approach to address concerns of finding convenient times for larger teams.


At schools where PASL teams have a large number of members, finding a time to meet that works for everyone may be a difficult challenge to overcome.

Using a core team of representatives from each department presents opportunities to take PASL knowledge back to their departments, equipping core team members them with a level of expertise that may prove more accessible to team members at-large.

Departmental representation also leaves room to customize PASL activities to themes covered in each respective department, while taking advantage of the core team members’ understanding of any unique concerns or posturing specific to their department.


The Core Team should meet at least once per month, and then take the information back to their respective teams and departments.


The Core Team will be comprised of

  • Departmental representatives
  • PASL Coordinator
  • Guidance Counselor (if part of the PASL Team)

Core Team meetings will serve as troubleshooting for larger concerns regarding PASL implementation. Representatives will then reach out to their respective PASL Team members and distribute the information. This information sharing should be done in department meetings or department PLCs, giving time to discuss the best way to integrate PASL into departmental lessons and activities.

Connection to other components

  • Having a PASL Core Team connects to an Intentional Use of Data by providing school leaders opportunities to examine work being done for further learning and implementation opportunities.
  • The Culture of Personalization is connected to the Core Team by offering a chance to examine and implement what is appropriate in the context of the school’s unique population of students and teachers.


  • Depends on team members present and concerns to be addressed.