Incentive Pay Landscape and Politics

This page provides a complete list of NCPI publications that address the topic of Incentive Pay Landscape and Politics. We will continue to update this page as the Center produces new publications on the topic.

The Micropolitics of Implementing a School-Based Bonus Policy: The Case of New York City’s Compensation Committees
J. Marsh
June 2012

Compensation Reform and Design Preferences of Teacher Incentive Fund Grantees
S. Heyburn, J. Lewis, and G. Ritter
March 2010

The Politics of Teacher Pay Reform
D. Goldhaber
February 2008

Collective Bargaining in Education and Pay for Performance
J. Hannaway and A. Rotherham
February 2008

Performance-Based Pay in the Federal Government
S. Nelson
February 2008

Market-Based Pay Reforms for Teachers
M. Podgursky
February 2008

Holding Accountability to Account: How Scholarship and Experience in Other Fields Inform Exploration of Performance Incentives in Education
R. Rothstein
February 2008

A Legal Perspective on Performance-Based Pay for Teachers
February 2008

Toward a More Comprehensive Model of Teacher Pay – Policy Brief

Pay-for-Performance: New Developments and Issues
M. Cannon
October 2007

Credentials versus Performance: Review of the Teacher Performance Pay Research
M. Podgursky and M. Springer
October 2007

Teacher Performance Pay: A Review
M. Podgursky and M. Springer
October 2006

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