Working Papers

Compensation Reform and Design Preferences of Teacher Incentive Fund Grantees

Sara Heyburn, Jessica Lewis, and Gary Ritter
March 2010

Design Components of Incentive Pay Programmes in the Education Sector

Matthew G. Springer and Ryan Balch
November 2009

Optimal Incentives for Public Sector Workers: The Case of Teacher-Designed Incentive Pay in Texas

Lori L. Taylor and Matthew G. Springer
October 2009

Time-Out on Timing: The Relationship between the Timing of Teacher Hires and Teacher Quality

Mimi Engel
October 2009

The Inter-Temporal Variability of Teacher Effect Estimates

Daniel McCaffrey, Tim Sass, J.R. Lockwood, and Kata Mihaly
October 2009

Does Student Sorting Invalidate Value-Added Models of Teacher Effectiveness? An Extended Analysis of the Rothstein Critique

C. Koedel and J. Betts
August 2009 – Updated!

New York City’s School-Wide Bonus Pay Program: Early Evidence from a Randomized Trial

Matthew G. Springer and Marcus A. Winters
April 2009

Value-Added to What? How a Ceiling in the Testing Instrument Influences Value-Added Estimation

C. Koedel and J. Betts
February 2009

An Empirical Analysis of Teacher Spillover Effects in Secondary School

C. Koedel
February 2009

Test Scaling and Value-Added Measurement

D. Ballou
December 2008

Exploring Student-Teacher Interactions in Longitudinal Achievement Data

J.R. Lockwood and D. McCaffrey
July 2008

The Intertemporal Stability of Teacher Effect Estimates

D. McCaffrey, T. Sass, and J.R. Lockwood
July 2008

Teacher Quality and Dropout Outcomes in a Large, Urban School District

C. Koedel
June 2008

Impact of the Teacher Advancement Program on Student Test Score Gains: Findings from an Independent Appraisal

M. Springer, D. Ballou, and A. Peng
February 2008

Teacher Attitudes on Pay for Performance: A Pilot Study

B. Jacob and M. Springer
November 2007

Pay-for-Performance: New Developments and Issues

M. D. Cannon
October 2007

Efficiency and Equity in the Time Pattern of Teacher Pension Benefits: An Analysis of Four State Systems

R. Costrell and M. Podgursky
March 2007

Re-examining the Role of Teacher Quality and the Educational Production Function

C. Koedel and J. Betts
April 2007

Credentials Versus Performance: Review of the Teacher Performance Pay Research

M. Podgursky and M. Springer
October 2007

Teacher Performance Pay: A Review

M. Podgursky and M. Springer
October 2006