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About Robert Barsky

Robert Barsky is a Professor at Vanderbilt University, and a Canada Research Chair (2019-20). He is the author of numerous books about the milieus of Noam Chomsky and Zellig Harris, about language theory, and about the application of literary theories to the realms of international law and social justice. He is the founding director of Québec and Canadian Studies, the Faculty Director of the W. T. Bandy Center, and previous Faculty Head of House for West House, on the Vanderbilt Commons. His newest book is 'Clamouring at the Gates: What the Great Books Teach us about the Search for Legal Protection' (Hart Law / Bloomsbury)

The Vanderbilt McGill-Initiative

The Vanderbilt-McGill Initiative: Projects 2011-2012 Humanities Summit, Vanderbilt University, May 1-3 Participants: Michael Holquist, Yale emeritus, Columbia Society of Senior Scholars Peter Hitchcock, CUNY, Graduate Center McGill University: Will Straw, Director, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada Paul Yachnin, … Continue reading

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