National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools

Our Experiences

Where can I learn about teacher and administrator experiences?

There are several opportunities to learn about what it is like to participate in our partnership. Some of the teachers and administrators who have been part of this process have written about their experiences:

Bridging Research and Practice- The Role of District Liaisons in School Improvement Collaborations – Dan Traeger and Laura Williams

Building Teacher Leadership for Innovation and Ownership– Bethanne Chimbel and Orion Smith,  Fort Worth Independent School District

Lessons Learned about Designing Innovation– Michael Mihalik,  Fort Worth Independent School District

Using Personalization to Get at the Core of Student Learning – Peter Tiernan, Broward County Public Schools

Inspiring Teacher Leadership through Intentional CommunicationBrad Fatout, Broward County Public Schools

The Role of Trust in School-Wide Implementation of an InnovationJames Korn and Rina Nakamoto,  Fort Worth Independent School District

You can also view a video about teacher and administrator experiences with our design process.

Where can I read more?

Visit What We’ve Learned to read a variety of publications about effective high schools, continuous improvement, implementation and scale, and research practice partnerships. You may also find the following briefs helpful:

Identifying and Understanding Effective High Schools: Personalization for Academic and Social Learning and Student Ownership and Responsibility



Growth Mindset brief