National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools


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Our Model

The core of NCSU’s work is an innovative, collaborative process to improve high schools. Our method consists of four phases: Research, Innovation Design and Development, Implementation, and Scale Up. Researchers, developers, and practitioners are involved throughout each phase. In the Research and Innovation Design phases of the project, researchers and district teams work together to…

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Watch our director talk about what we’ve learned

Watch Dr. Marisa Cannata, Director of the National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools, talk about what the center has learned about implementing high school reforms. Video

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NCSU receives i3 grant to continue developing PASL

For the past six years, the National Center for Scaling Up Effective Schools has led the design, development, and implementation of Personalization for Academic and Social Emotional Learning (PASL) into eight BCPS high schools. PASL is a school-wide approach in which administrators, guidance counselors and teachers intentionally and deliberately attend to students’ academic, social emotional,…

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