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Module 3, Principle 2: Ensure Alignment with Observation Indicators and Leverage Expertise

Principals can involve teachers in the teacher support and PD plan development to ensure the content, delivery types, and timing meet teachers’ needs. Principals can also empower teachers by identifying the school personnel with expertise in the areas of need and determine whether they would be willing to lead teacher support activities. In addition, professional development is often thought of as a discrete set of activities generally carried out after school; nonetheless, effective principals establish a culture where informal teacher support opportunities are embedded in the school day. Principals must also support novice teachers by tailoring professional development activities to their needs, assigning effective teacher mentors, and providing personal coaching.

Quick Reads

Read the following article:

Nobori, M. (2011). How Principals Can Grow Teacher Excellence. Retrieved from

Reflection Activity

Open your saved document labeled Strategic Support and Professional Development Reflection that you began in Principle 1. Complete the second column and save the document for future reference.

You will add to this document as part of your work with Principles 3 & 4.

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