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Research Projects

Research Projects Open for Recruitment

R01 Social Connectedness and Health in Families Coping with Huntington’s Disease

  • 5 year NICHD funded descriptive longitudinal study
  • Examining stress, coping, and social connectivity and their health correlates in families with Huntington’s Disease and from the community.
  • Data collection and recruitment ongoing

Current Research Projects

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences, Adolescent and Caregiver Emotion Regulation, and Adolescent Physical and Mental Health.
  • Goal is to improve programs and interventions for children who have experienced maltreatment and their caregivers
    • testing novel laboratory methodology to measure adolescent and caregiver emotion regulation.
    • Examining physiological correlates, adolescent emotion regulation, mental and physical health difficulties, caregiver practices, and exposure to adverse childhood events.
    • Examining novel associations between adolescents’ and caregivers’ emotions and physiological responses during a face-to-face lab interaction.
  • Research stage: data analyses only

CHDI: Families Coping with Huntington’s Disease Study (CHDI Foundation; Griffin Family Foundation)

  • Program development to build resilience in families and patients with Huntington’s Disease
  • Research Stage: Data collection pending; no longer open for recruitment

Past Projects

Other pages regarding our past and current projects are in progress.