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The First Year Experience: An Extended Introduction

Sep. 14, 2016—By Amy E. Steele, MDiv, PhD Assistant Dean for Student Life The First Year experience at Vanderbilt Divinity School is an extension of the New Student Orientation. It is comprised of six sessions that focus on spiritual formation, stewardship, and vocation—or in other words, matters of spiritual grounding, money, and jobs. Perhaps these ideas seem...

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Welcome from Luther Young, MDiv’2

Aug. 31, 2016—Each year, VDS invites returning students to offer words of advice to the incoming class. We hope these stories and lived wisdom will help you navigate your own path at Vanderbilt! You have made the decision to embark upon an exciting and challenging journey through theological discourse and spiritual practice—congratulations, and welcome to VDS! The...

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A note to our Class of 2016

May. 4, 2016—It was the spring of 1998. Europe was in the final stages of agreeing on a single currency, the euro. The Good Friday Accord had just been reached in Northern Ireland. Back in the United States, the President was embroiled in a White House sex scandal. And closer to home, on the speakers of high...

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A Blank Paige

Sep. 3, 2014—by Paige Wetzel, 2nd year MTS candidate Blank. I wouldn’t say I came to VDS open-minded, just blank. When I began my studies last year, I had few expectations and even fewer ideas about what my time here would be like. Like a fresh piece of paper, I was clear and vacant, uncertain of what would...

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