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About ASB

Vanderbilt Alternative Spring Break is a student-run service organization that facilitates multifaceted spring break experiences for undergraduate students. Our trips promote critical thinking, social action, and active citizenship through efficacious education, direct service, and intentional reflection. Together, we strive to foster a more inclusive, engaged, and conscientious Vanderbilt community.

Over 400 Vanderbilt students each Spring participate in the three core parts of Vanderbilt ASB:

Education: Sites spend the end of first semester and the beginning of second semester learning about the service issue on which their site is focused.

Service: Participants are immersed in a week of service where they not only learn more about their service issue but also get hands-on experience with working with their populations.

Reflection: Participants continuously reflect on the work that they have done throughout the education and service aspects of ASB in order to unpack complex ideas as a group.