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Who can go on ASB?

Any undergraduate student at Vanderbilt can go on ASB! This includes international students, students in all four undergraduate schools, and students of all different majors and years.

Can I go on ASB with my friends?

No! Sites are made up of groups of 10-12 students from all different majors and other campus organizations. Ideally, you will not know anyone else on your site at the beginning. But, you are sure to become friends by the end!

What is full engagement?

Full engagement is ASB’s policy of being fully present on-site at all times. Most importantly, this includes no drug or alcohol use during the week of spring break. This also includes minimal use of computers, phones, and other electronics.

What do I wear to my interview?

Whatever you want! There is no need to dress up. Feel free to wear whatever makes you most comfortable.

What are my chances of getting placed on a site?

Historically, by the week of spring break, we have been able to place everyone who wants to go on ASB on a site. Even if you are not initially placed on a site, your application will be reevaluated at a later time.

What is included in site prices?

All costs are covered in the site price. This includes food, housing, transportation, and all other costs over the entire week. When you go on ASB, you should not have to spend any money the entire week. The prices for each site are listed under the site descriptions. However, these prices are subject to change.