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Executive Board

Vandy ASB is run by an executive board of 12 current students in 6 different positions.

Julia Gallagher and Roshan Natarajan

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Julia:Orlando, FL
Roshan: Memphis, TN

Julia: Neuroscience
Roshan: Political Science

Why do you love ASB?
Julia: I love ASB because it has allowed me to reflect on what it means to engage in intentional service!
Roshan: It gives students a truly accessible means to become more compassionate and reflective citizens.

Favorite ASB memory?
Julia: My favorite ASB memory was watching the sunset at Love Circle with my ASB group in Nashville.
Roshan: Meeting the rescued animals at Uplands PEAK, especially the cows!


Sarah Bellete and Kat Massengale

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Sarah: Charlotte, NC
Kat: Atlanta, GA

Sarah: Child Studies/Medicine, Health and Society
Kat: MHS/Chemistry

Why do you love ASB?
Sarah: I love ASB because it’s a great opportunity to meet Vanderbilt students who are passionate about the same service issues.
Kat: I love ASB because it’s a welcoming and challenging community where people truly care about bettering themselves and the world around them.

Favorite ASB memory?
Sarah: My favorite ASB memory was when we celebrated my friend Allie’s birthday by surprising her with baked cookies!
Kat: My favorite ASB memory is exploring the streets of Chicago in the freezing cold on One Day during my sophomore year.


Emily Chuang and Caleigh Morr

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Emily: Naperville, IL
Caleigh: Darien, CT

Emily: Medicine, Health, and Society/Neuroscience
Caleigh: Communication of Science and Technology/Business

Why do you love ASB?
Emily: I love ASB because of the new perspectives and beautiful community!
Caleigh: It allows me to interact with different communities, discover diverse perspectives, and make new best friends.

Favorite ASB memory?
Emily: Every affirmation circle and the ensuing love!
Caleigh: When my entire site worked together to cook a homemade spaghetti dinner at a housing facility for cancer patients, and then got to eat with the patients and hear their stories.

Site and Service Development

Savannah Larkin and Kathy Qian

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Savannah: Lilburn, GA
Kathy: Salt Lake City, UT

Savannah: Human & Organizational Development/Medicine, Health, & Society
Kathy: Medicine, Health, and Society/Political Science

Why do you love ASB?
Savannah: ASB has given me the opportunity to learn and grow my perspectives on a range of social justice issues!
Kathy: ASB has really helped me expand my worldview and immerse/educate myself on very relevant social topics that i otherwise would never experienced, and meet people i never would have met. each year continues to be rewarding in its own way, and it’s a great opportunity for growth.

Favorite ASB memory?
Savannah: One of my favorite ASB memories was being able to mentor at Gwen’s Girls in Pittsburgh and having a dance party with everyone after!
Kathy: Competitively tagging donated clothing with the rest of my site. it was fun, it was efficient, it was a small moment that has a big place in my heart.

Campus Engagement

Vikas Dodda and Jasmine Jiang

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Vikas: San Antonio, TX
Jasmine: Shanghai, China

Vikas: Psychology/Medicine, Health, and Society/History of Art
Jasmine: Biomedical Engineering/Medicine, Health, and Society

Why do you love ASB?
Vikas: I love the thoughtful consideration that goes into planning the service experience, where concrete work objectives every day are balanced with the right amount of free time to share stories with the people of the site.
Jasmine: There’s something magical about ASB: In just one week, you get to become so close with 11 strangers while completing and reflecting upon meaningful service!

Favorite ASB memory?
Vikas: One time, we had a one hour break in the service schedule and we violently sped across the highway to visit the Wyoming state line just to say we had been there.
Jasmine: Mural hopping in downtown Austin or playing Codenames every night (can’t choose :’))


Sydney Nelson and Shira Hao

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Sydney: Brentwood, TN
Shira: Nashville, TN

Sydney: Neuroscience/History
Shira: Biomedical Engineering/Computer Science

Why do you love ASB?
Sydney: I love ASB because it has taught me so much about so many different topics and issues, and helped me find such a welcoming community filled with people that push me to grow in ways I never expected.
Shira: ASB gives you the tools you need for your journey towards active citizenship and has fundamentally shifted the way that I approach service!

Favorite ASB memory?
Sydney: Fitting all 12 members of my site last year into one tent for life maps and reflection with incredibly strong winds pushing the sides of the tent down on us.
Shira: Celebrating a participant’s birthday with many, many mildly terrifying smiley-face balloons, all of which are named after Gary, Indiana (I still have one!)