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Email Service Interruptions

Posted by on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 in Outage.

On Monday, August 26, and Tuesday, August 27, many users experienced email difficulties related to the split of the VU and VUMC systems. VUIT worked with clients to repair and refresh mailboxes. By Tuesday night, all but a handful of issues were resolved.

Impacted users fall into one of the following three broad categories:

  1. Users’ email accounts were disabled and they were not able to send or receive messages. Messages sent to these email addresses were not delivered and the sender should have received an “email undeliverable” message. During the recovery process, users may have been notified that they were over their quota. This has been resolved.
  2. Users’ email accounts were disabled and they were not able to send or receive messages. An additional email account was created in the cloud/Office 365 where external email messages were received. All email service is now delivered to these users through their on-premises account (the one they were using before the issues occurred) and their cloud/O365 account that was created prematurely has been disabled.
  3. Users were unable to send or receive messages from their email accounts due to a quota setting impacting their ability to send and receive emails. This issue has been resolved.

If you were affected, what you should do next:

  • If you received an email about your Skype voicemail box – please follow the instructions in the email sent to you yesterday. Please be aware that as part of the setup process, the PIN number provided in the email will expire and you will be required to create your own PIN.
  • Check subscriptions to any listservs provided by Vanderbilt or through external services, as you may have been unsubscribed from while your email was not properly functioning. Please connect with the listserv owner/administrator to subscribe again.
  • If you were waiting for an important email and did not receive it, you may need to reach out to the sender and ask them to resend it.
  • If you have any additional questions, contact VUIT Support or your local support provider.