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Nikon AX-R Multi-Photon

Why Use This Microscope?

Nikon AX-R MP is an upright multiphoton microscope ideal for intravital imaging deep within an intact tissue. The AX-R MP is coupled to an Insight X3 Dual Line Laser capable of exciting a broad range of fluorophores such as DAPI, GFP, Cy3.5, and Cy5.5. The Non-Descanned Detectors (NDDs) combined with the resonant scanner ensure deep multicolor live imaging. It is also possible to do label free imaging via second harmonic generation (SHG). Additionally, the microscope is equipped with objective lenses optimal for two-photon imaging, open format gate stand to accommodate large samples, DUX-ST4 detector for confocal imaging, and Tokai STXG stage stop incubation system.    


Imaging Modes:

  • Multi-Photon Imaging
  • Intravital Imaging
  • Second Harmonic Generation
  • Laser scanning fluorescence and DIC (Nomarski)
  • 3-D “Z-series”
  • Live Imaging Time-series


  • Insight X3 Dual Line IR Laser (680-1300nm (tunable) and 1045nm (fixed))
  • 405nm Long UV for dyes such as DAPI, Hoechst 346, fluorogold
  • 488nm  Blue/Green for green dyes and fluorescent proteins e.g., GFP, Cy-2, FITC, Alexa 488
  • 561nm Green/Red for Cy-3, m-Cherry, or rhodamine-like dyes)
  • 640nm Red/Far-Red for far-red dyes like Cy-5, TO-PRO, Alexa 647
  • Emission bandwidth for all dyes/laser lines is continuously variable providing huge flexibility for collecting images of unusual dyes and for minimizing bleed-through between colors.

Objective Lenses:

  • CFI60 Plan Apochromat Lambda D 4x Objective Lens, N.A. 0.2, W.D. 20.0mm
  • CFI60 Plan Apochromat Lambda D 20x Objective Lens, N.A. 0.80, W.D. 0.80mm
  • CFI60 Plan Fluor 40x Oil Immersion Objective Lens, N.A. 1.3, W.D. 0.2mm
  • CFI75 Achromat LWD 16x Water Immersion Objective Lens, N.A. 0.8, W.D. 3mm
  • CFI75 Apochromat 25x Water Immersion Multi-Photon Objective with Improved IR to 1300nm, N.A. 1.1, W.D. 2.0mm

Charges: $33.75 per hour
Note: To use the microscope you must have an active Account with iLab. Contact Tegy to discuss training on this instrument.


  • LH 704

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