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Olympus FV-1000 Inverted Confocal Microscope

Why Use This Microscope?
This microscope is well suited for viewing polarized cells and tissue samples on sealed, inverted slides or in 35mm Matek dishes with a #1.5 coverglass. Imaging through a non-glass surface is discouraged. All slides MUST be sealed, clean and dry prior to placing on the stage.

Imaging Modes:

  • Laser scanning fluorescence and DIC (Nomarski)
  • 3-D “Z-series”
  • Time-series
  • Simultaneous bleach/scan for PA-GFP and FRAP

Fluorescence Filters: (excitation/emission)

  • NearUV/Blue (405nm for UV dyes e.g, DAPI)
  • Blue/Green (457,488,514nm for blue, green, yellow dyes,
    e.g., CFP,YFP,GFP, Cy-2, FITC-like dyes)
  • Green/Red (543nm for Cy-3, Texas Red, or rhodamine-like dyes)
  • Red/Far-Red (633 nm for far-red dyes like Cy-5)

Objective Lenses:

  • 10x / 0.30 Plan Neofluar
  • 20x / 0.80 SPlan-UApo
  • 40x / 1.30 Plan-Neofluar OIL
  • 60x / 1.45 Plan-Apochromat OIL
  • 100x / 1.40 SPlan-UApo OIL

Charges: $49.50 per hour

Note: To use the microscope you must have an active iLab account. Reservations are made through our on-line iLab calendar. Contact Sean to arrange training.


  • MRBIV 10434

Download / View Quickstart Guide.