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Nikon Spinning Disk

Why Use This Microscope?
The spinning disk confocal platform within the Nikon Center of Excellence is outfitted with an array of high-end tools to enable multi-dimensional high-speed acquisition of live cells for extended periods of time. The system incorporates a Yokogawa CSU-X1 spinning disk head, Andor DU-897 EMCCD, high-speed piezo [z] stage, live cell incubator, automated and encoded X/Y stage, a four-line high-power solid state laser launch, and a full complement of objectives. In addition, a dedicated illumination path introduces a dedicated high-power 405nm diode laser directed by a pair of high-speed galvanometer-driven mirrors to enable targeted photo -activation, -switching/conversion, -bleaching, as well as photodamage. Both the piezo [z] stage as well as the emission filter wheel can be “triggered” by the camera, which enables very high speed acquisition of multichannel z-stacks over time.


  • Photometrics Prime 95B sCMOS monochrome camera

Imaging Modes:

  • Spinning disk confocal
  • High-speed channel switching (multi-channel)
  • High-speed multi-plane (“Z-stack”)
  • Multi-position (x/y)
  • Tile scans
  • High-speed time-lapse
  • Targeted (ROI-based) photo –activation, -conversion, -bleaching (FRAP), -ablation

Excitation Specs:

  • Full set of visual cubes for blue, green, and red –emitting probes.
  • Diode Laser Lines and Power (measured at fiber tip):
    • 405nm, 15mw (DAPI)
    • 488nm, 15mW (FITC, GFP)
    • 561nm, 15mW (TRITC, Cy3, mCherry)
    • 647nm, 15mW (far-red, Cy5)
  • Photo-stimulation Laser
    • 405nm, 100mW

Emission Specs:

  • Emission filters for spinning disk confocal applications:
    • 455nm (+/- 25nm)
    • 525nm (+/- 18nm)
    • 605nm (+/- 35nm)
    • 641nm (+/- 75nm)
    • 700nm (+/- 37nm)
    • Dual Emission: 525nm (+/- 25nm) and 646 (+/- 66nm)

Objective Lenses:

  • Plan Fluor 4x 0.13 NA WD 12.2mm
  • Plan Apo Lambda 10x 0.45 NA WD 4.00mm
  • Plan Apo Lambda 20x 0.75 NA WD 1.00mm
  • Plan Fluor 40x Oil DIC H N2 1.30 NA WD 0.20mm
  • Plan Apo Lambda Oil 60x 1.40 NA WD 0.13mm
  • Apo TIRF Oil 100x 1.49 NA WD 0.12mm

Charges: $33.75 per hour
Note: To use the microscope you must have an active Account with iLab. Contact Kari to arrange training.


  • MCN T-2216 NIKON COE

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