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Research News


  • December: Along with Hermien Kan, Gustav Strijkers, and many others, Bruce Damon publishes “Exploration of New Contrasts, Targets, and MR Imaging and Spectroscopy Techniques for Neuromuscular Disease – A Workshop Report of Working Group 3 of the Biomedicine and Molecular Biosciences COST Action BM1304 MYO-MRI” in the Journal of Neuromuscular Diseases.
  • October: We’re thrilled to learn that our most recent R01 application, “Development and Application of Muscle Diffusion Tensor MRI,” received a priority score of 25 (6%)!
  • October: Bruce Damon in Dallas to give an invited presentation at the American Congress of Rehabilitative Medicine conference
  • September: “Fat-Water Phantoms for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Validation: A Flexible and Scalable Protocol,” by Emily Bush and colleagues, published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments
  • August: Bruce Damon visits the Myology Institute at the University of Florida to give a seminar and develop a new collaboration with Glenn Walter using imaging to study neuromuscular disorders
  • June: At the 2018 ISMRM annual meeting, Jason Ostenson and colleagues present “Unbalanced Steady-State Free Precession MR Fingerprinting with Simultaneous Fat Signal Fraction, T1, T2 and B0 Estimation” and Bruce Damon and colleagues present “Sensitivity of Quantitative Texture Metrics to Variations in Image Acquisition Parameters”
  • June: Bruce Damon awarded an SEC Faculty Travel grant to visit colleagues in the Myology Institute at the University of Florida
  • April: Bruce Damon gave a keynote presentation at the University of Kentucky’s School of Engineering Biomedical Research Day
  • March: Crystal Coolbaugh and colleagues publish “An Individualized, Perception-Based Protocol to Investigate Human Physiological Responses to Cooling” in Frontiers in Physiology