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FloWave.US is in-house developed, publicly distributed software for automated ultrasound blood flow analysis. The software provides efficient and reliable measures of blood velocity and vessel diameter that were validated with a skeletal muscle flow phantom and that are independent of the ultrasound scanner. Open-source access to FloWave.US files and documentation, via GitHub, reduces barriers to use and enables community improvements and customization of analysis features to advance vascular physiology research.

A complete scientific description of FloWave.US was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology and is freely available to the public on  The citation is:

Coolbaugh CL, Bush EC, Caskey CF Damon BM, Towse TF. (2016). FloWave.US: an open source, validated, and platform independent software for ultrasound blood flow analysis. Journal of Applied Physiology. 121:849-857.

Thermoesthesia Graphical User Interface (tGUI)

The tGUI is a Matlab-based code interface for an Arduino, capable of capturing a human subject’s perception and ability to distinguish differences of temperature (thermoesthesia).  Open-source access to the tGUI code is available via Github.