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Aphids and Digital Archives: Thinking Through Digital Preservation with Dionne Brand’s The Blue Clerk 

Oct. 13, 2018—“In the mornings the clerk reads the obituaries. All of these bales may be considered obituaries of a sort but we are talking about the regular obituaries where people actually die. Here on the dock nothing and no one dies. The clerk would like them to die the finite closed death of a real obituary...

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Introducing Dr. Michelle Taylor, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Digital Cultural Heritage

Sep. 20, 2018—In order to expand the possibilities for digital cultural heritage, you need new tools and skillsets to preserve documentation, making it possible to provide open-access sources of global history. Since its inception, the Digital Cultural Heritage research cluster has modeled the effective use of TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) coding in digital humanities projects from digital editions of important...

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Welcome to Digital Cultural Heritage at Vanderbilt!

Sep. 14, 2018—The DCH research cluster began as a faculty-led initiative by campus scholars from various disciplines and departments working on questions of digital archiving, curation, mapping, preservation, virtual reality, and more. Now that the cluster has been generously funded as part of the Vanderbilt Trans-Institutional Programs initiative (TiPs), we are looking forward to training graduate and undergraduate...

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