Award for Leelatian: AACR Brain Tumor Association Scholar in Training

Congratulations Nalin Leelatian on the AACR Brain Tumor Association Scholar in Training award for the work you presented at AACR 2017!

Leelatian N, Sinnaeve J, Mobley BC, Mistry AM, Liu D, Weaver KD, Thompson RC, Chambless LB, Ihrie RA, Irish JM. Mass cytometry of human glioblastoma characterizes more than 99 percent of cells and reveals intratumoral cell subsets defined by contrasting signaling network profiles. Cancer Research AACR Abstracts 2017. DOI.

► This research conducted in collaboration with Dr. Rebecca Ihrie’s lab developed phospho-specific mass cytometry for human brain tumors.


2017-04 Nalin Leelatian AACR Brain Tumor Society Scholar award

2017-04 Nalin Leelatian (3rd from right) AACR Brain Tumor Association Scholar in Training

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