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Participate in our studies

In the Mood, Emotion, & Development Lab, our work focuses on reducing the burden of mood disorders on children, adolescents, adults, and families. Without volunteer research participants, we would not be able to continue this very important research. We are often recruiting youth, adults, and families with and without mood disorders as research volunteers. If you are interested in participating, we would love to hear from you!

Current opportunities to participate in our research: 

We are conducting a study to examine stress and social behavior in adolescents. Teens ages 14 to 17 years and their mothers may be eligible to participate. Teens and mothers will complete initial interview and questionnaire assessments. Teens will also complete computer tasks and surveys on their smart phones. Financial compensation will be provided.

We are conducting a study to improve treatment for teen depression. Teens with symptoms of depression who are ages 14 to 18 years may be eligible to participate. Participants will complete interview and questionnaire assessments, along with computer games. Participants will then be offered an 8-week research-based cognitive behavior therapy group that teaches skills to cope with depression, and will be asked to complete additional assessments during and after treatment. Financial compensation will provided.

For more information on current studies, email or complete the contact form here

If you are a VU student interested in participating in our research, look for the “Neurophysiological, Circuit, and Behavioral Measures of Emotion and Social Functioning in Emerging Adults” study on SONA