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Tasks and Measures

COVID-19 questionnaire presented in Kujawa, A., Green, H., Compas, B. E., Dickey, L., & Pegg, S. (2020). Exposure to COVID-19 pandemic stress: Associations with depression and anxiety in emerging adults in the United States. Depression and Anxiety37(12), 1280-1288.

Peer interaction task (e.g., Pegg, S., Arfer, K. B., & Kujawa, A. (2021). Altered reward responsiveness and depressive symptoms: An examination of social and monetary reward domains and interactions with rejection sensitivity. Journal of Affective Disorders282, 717-725)

For the interpersonal emotional images set from Dickey, L., Pegg, S., & Kujawa, A. (2021). Neurophysiological responses to interpersonal emotional images: Associations with symptoms of depression and social anxiety. Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience21(6), 1306-1318 please email us at