Monday, December 14th, 2009

Results from NCPI’s Signature Performance Pay Experiment Coming in 2010

NCPI recently concluded the implementation of the Project on Incentives in Teaching (POINT), and researchers are now analyzing data collected during the three-year experiment. Set in the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS), POINT is a randomized, controlled trial evaluating the effects of a pay-for-performance intervention on student achievement. It is the first randomized experiment in the nation to test the link between teacher bonuses and student achievement.





Educator Compensation Symposium Connects Research to Practice

NCPI co-sponsored a national symposium entitled,Differentiated Compensation in Education: A Symposium on Practical Applications and Lessons Learned, on November 9th and 10th inHouston, Texas. The symposium addressed differentiated compensation plans for educators in bothTexas and nationally, with a focus on lessons learned, current research findings, and future directions for performance pay programs.


  • NCPI’s Online Interactive Map Updated with New Performance Pay Programs

    NCPI has been collecting data and information about performance pay programs around the country with a specific focus on programs that use measures of student achievement in part for determining bonus awards to educators. These programs, operating at national, state, and local levels, are featured in an interactive map on NCPI’s website.


  • Round Rock Experiment Heads Into Second Year of Evaluation

    NCPI researchers recently began the second year of its second performance pay experiment, this one in Round Rock, Texas. Similar to the POINT experiment inNashville, the Round Rock experiment is a randomized field trial but studies the effects of team-based teacher incentives on student achievement as opposed to incentives based on individual teacher performance, as in POINT.


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    Recent Publications

    • NCPI Affiliates Study Value-Added Models of Teacher Effectiveness

      NCPI affiliates have published several articles in the Fall 2009 issue of Education Finance and Policy examining value-added models of teacher effectiveness and value-added estimation.


    • Paper Looks at Technical Assistance for Performance Pay Programs

      A recent paper, released by the Center for American Progress, examines the nature of technical assistance for several prominent performance pay programs in K-12 education.


    • Key Features of Performance Pay Systems Focus of New Book Chapter

      In a recent volume, Evaluating and Rewarding the Quality of Teachers: International Practices, NCPI director Matthew Springer co-authored a chapter presenting key features to be considered in a performance pay system.