Monday, July 12th, 2010

  • NCPI and Battelle for Kids to Host National Conference on Evaluating and Rewarding Educator Effectiveness

    In an effort to improve educator performance and student learning, a growing number of districts and states are implementing systems that evaluate and reward effective educators. As states and districts work to craft these systems, both opportunities and challenges abound. NCPI and Battelle for Kids (BFK) will host a national conference on September 20-21 entitled, “Evaluating and Rewarding Educator Effectiveness: Navigating the Evolving Landscape.”



  • NCPI Researcher Honored by American Psychological Association

    NCPI affiliate researcher Chris Hulleman will be honored by the American Psychological Association (APA) at their upcoming convention on August 14 in San Diego, California. The award is presented annually to acknowledge excellence in doctoral research. Hulleman, a 2007 graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, will be honored for his dissertation, entitled, “The Role of Utility Value in the Development of Interest and Achievement.” In the dissertation, Hulleman evaluates whether helping students see the value in their coursework contributes to interest and achievement.


  • NCPI Releases First Interim Evaluation of Texas Pay for Performance Program

    NCPI researchers released the District Awards for Teacher Excellence (D.A.T.E) Year One Program Evaluation Report this past April. D.A.T.E. is a state-funded program in Texas that provides grants to districts for the implementation of locally-designed performance pay plans. The program concluded its second year of operation in 2009-10, during which time the state dedicated $197 million to the nearly 200 participating districts. NCPI’s interim evaluation reports on the first-year experience of districts participating in D.A.T.E. during 2008-09.


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Recent Publications

  • NCPI Researchers Contribute to Phi Delta Kappan Issue on Pay for Performance

    The May 2010 issue of Phi Delta Kappan focused on pay for performance and included several articles from NCPI researchers. “Teacher Pay for Performance: Context, Status, and Direction,” written by NCPI director Matthew Springer and center affiliate Catherine Gardner, explores the evolution of pay for performance in American education. NCPI affiliates Julia Koppich and Chris Hulleman also contributed articles featured in this issue.


  • NCPI Staff Members Contribute Article to School Administrator

    NCPI affiliates Susan Freeman Burns and Catherine Gardner contributed an article entitled, “Reforming Teacher Pay”, to the March 2010 issue ofSchool Administrator. The article focuses upon key ideas that have emerged as school districts implement and evaluate performance pay programs. The authors offer six primary lessons for those engaging in similar educator compensation initiatives.