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636678642809154116-NAS-MENTAL-HEALTH-Urban-vs-Rural-Porter-01Mental illness is more common than most people realize
The Tennessean, Jul. 11, 2021



Screen-Shot-2021-06-01-at-10.47.50-AM-567x600Research Snapshot: Hidden variable gives people another tool to manage major depressive disorders
Research News@Vanderbilt, Jun. 2, 2021



Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 2.08.39 AMInspiring Women in STEM: Interview with Prof Sandra J Rosenthal
Valparaiso Women in STEM, Feb. 15, 2021



illumination_feature Shell properties play an important role in the stability of green quantum dots
AIP Scilight, Mar. 27, 2020



illumination_feature Illumination
Valpo Magazine, Nov. 2019




Sandra-Rosenthal3 Rosenthal awarded Herty Medal for achievements in chemistry, STEM education
Research News@Vanderbilt, Feb. 20, 2018



‘Flying saucer’ quantum dots hold secret to better, brighter lasers
Research News@Vanderbilt, Mar. 21, 2017



‘Flying saucer’ quantum dots hold secret to brighter, better lasers
PHYS.ORG, Mar. 20, 2017


Mood ring materials – a new way to detect damage in failing infrastructure
research news@Vanderbilt, Nov. 21, 2016



Rosenthal named winner of 2014 SEC Faculty Achievement Award
myVU, Apr. 9, 2014


New research at Vanderbilt could help make quantum dots the future of superefficient lighting
Nashville Scene, Aug. 16, 2012


Probing the roots of depression by tracking serotonin regulation at a new level
research news@Vanderbilt, Jun. 27, 2012


Quantum dots brighten the future of lighting
research news@Vanderbilt, May 8, 2012




High school students turn blackberries into solar cells
research news@Vanderbilt, Mar. 21, 2012




Prof. Rosenthal elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

research news@Vanderbilt, Dec. 14, 2011



Something big from something small
Vanderbilt Engineering Magazine, Oct. 7, 2011




Prof. Rosenthal represents Vanderbilt at the Coalition for National Science Funding’s Capital Hill day and exhibition
research news@Vanderbilt, May 13, 2011



Prof. Rosenthal named the inaugural Jack and Pamela Egan Chair of Chemistry
Vanderbilt News, April 6, 2011


Nanocomposite solid-state lighting
RSC Chemical Technology, Jan. 30, 2008



Bulb Slayer: Lighting the World with LEDs
BREAKTHROUGH AWARDS 2006: Innovators Michael Bowers, James McBride and Sandra Rosenthal

Popular Mechanics, Dec. 18, 2006

Vanderbilt chemists receive Popular Mechanics’ 2006 Breakthrough Award
Vanderbilt News, Nov. 21, 2006


Quantum-dot research targets general illumination
LaserFocusWorld, Mar. 1, 2006



Accidental Find to Signal “Lights Out” for Incandescent Bulbs?
National Geographic News, Nov. 1, 2005


Accidental Invention Points to End of Light Bulbs
Live Science, Oct. 21, 2005



Accidental invention could light up the future
NBC News, Oct. 21, 2005

Quantum dots that produce white light could be the light bulb’s successor
Vanderbilt Exploration, Oct. 20, 2005