Selected Authors

As the German canon evolves, so do the margins. This project aims to examine and provide resources for authors whose works have either functioned, continue to function, or now function from the margins of dominant German literature, loosely collected in a genre of marginalized voices. It attempts to offer several different points of view of and from the margins, and this small selection of authors hopes to demonstrate how concepts of the canon and the margin change over time. While suggestions for further reading will be provided, the selected authors presented here confront marginality through language in some way, and will be discussed as such. To further understand how their works, as well as the others on The List can be read together as a genre, click here, and to learn how this notion of marginality within German literature fits in to Kimberlé Crenshaw’s model of intersectionality, read more here.

Anyone wishing to explore German literature from the margins should by no means end their inquiry here; this is only the beginning.

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