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Congratulations Dr. Shuman! We are so proud of you! (February 2024)

IMG_2813 IMG_8708PXL_20240223_185620259IMG_20240223_143933

Baby Shuman (our newest recruit) catching up with Tim on his recent discoveries! (February 2024)

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Surprise!! Happy birthday to our fearless leader, Tim! (February 2024)

IMG_5956 IMG_5949

Thanks for rotating with us Gabrielle and Hallie!! – Taco Mama lunch (February 2024)


MPT Retreat – Henry Horton State Park (November 2023)

MPT retreat

Congrats Dr. Tran on your open defense!! (November 2023)

TranDefense 111023-2TranDefense 111023IMG_4430

Congrats Jennie for winning the 3MT competition!! (November 2023)

Jennie - 3MT

Happy Halloween! – Can you spot the 8 Dr. McClains? (October 2023)

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Congrats Chiamaka for passing your qualifying exam!! (September 2023)

Chiamaka Qual Celebration

Cover Lab at MEGAMicrobe – Gower Elementary (September 2023)

Cover lab booth_megamicrobe 2023 making slime_megamicrobe 2023

Congrats on your research talk award at the VIRAL Symposium, Chiamaka! (April 2023)

Chiamaka_viral symposium 2023

Cover Lab at the annual VI4 Symposium (April 2023)

Jennie_VI4 symposium 2023Sirena_VI4 symposium 2023Kaeli_VI4 symposium 2023Chiamaka_VI4 symposium 2023

Thanks for rotating with us Madeline! (Jan 2023)

rotation sp2023

Lab Holiday Party (Dec. 2022)

IMG_0979 IMG_0978 IMG_0986

Congrats on your VI4 mini-sabbatical award, Kaeli and Sirena!  – University of Michigan (October 2022)

Kaeli-Sirena_UMich campus Kaeli-Sirena-Arwen Kaeli and Sirena_cryoem

Congrats to our new Ph.D. Candidate, Kaeli! – Ruby Sunshine Breakfast               (October 2022)


MegaMicrobe! (September 2022)

PXL_20220917_173522785 IMG_2615

Bridal Shower for Kaeli & Mandy! (August 2022)


Georgia’s Last Day as an RA Celebration (August 2022)

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Lab Olympics Happy Hour (July 2022) – Bronze Metal


ASM Microbe Conference, Washington D.C. (June 2022)

Image from iOS (12) Image from iOS (13)ASM_GC imagejpeg_0 IMG_1701 IMG_9892 media-1655135699781-Jun_13_2022_11_18_AM PXL_20220609_004141707 PXL_20220609_132920579

It’s boba time! (April 2022)

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Dragon Park Lunch – Welcome to our lab Sergio & Chiamaka! (April 2022)

Image from iOS (9)Image from iOS (8)

Georgia will be pursuing her PhD at Vanderbilt this fall!  (April 2022)

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                       Congrats Dr. Harvey on your defense!                               (December 2021)


Lab cookie-making party! (December 2021)

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Jennie doing an in-person presentation at VUMChealth Translational Research Forum (Nov. 2021)


Welcome to the family Kona! (October 2021)

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 Congrats on your new job Neha! -We are going to miss you!                (September 2021)


Congrats to our new Ph.D. Candidate, Mandy! – Ruby Sunshine Breakfast               (September 2021)


Congrats to our new Ph.D. Candidate, Sirena! – Pancake Pantry Breakfast (August 2021)

Sirena's celebration breakfast

Dragon Park Lunch – Welcome to our lab Kaeli! (May 2021)

dragon park_A

Lab hiking trip! (Jan 2021)


Dr. Lin, what an unconventional way to celebrate on passing your open defense via virtual! (Nov 2020)

Screenshot 2020-11-19 152831

Dr. Lin, Congratulations on passing your closed defense! (Oct 2020)

Sai closed defense

What an unprecedented time to have a farewell party for Dr. Caston!  We wish you success on your new chapter of life. (May 2020)

Zoom meeting pic_May2020

A big welcome to Mandy and Sirena joining our lab! (May 2020)

Mandy and Sirena

It’s with much pride that we present to you Dr. Rhonda Caston!                     Open Defense (March 2020)


Dr. Rhonda Caston, Congratulations on passing your closed defense! (Feb 2020)

Rhonda closed defense

Door decoration contest  (Dec 2019)

Gingerbread house_12182019

I.D. Holiday lunch  (Dec 2019)


Come and check out our awesome Gingerbread House at the lab door (credits to Lorena and Jennie)!  (Dec 2019)

Holiday pic_Dec2019

Lorena presenting her interesting research at Tennessee-Kentucky ASM Conference! (Nov 2019)


We had a blast at ASM Microbe presenting our research and catching up with old colleagues! (June 2019)

ASM 2019

Welcoming our Newest Lab Members, Jeff and Georgia! (June 2019)


Congrats Dr. Nora on your Defense!! (Apr 2019)

We are so excited and wish you the best with all of your future endeavors!


Congrats to Neha and Sai along with their awesome team members winning the best business module presentation (Apr 2019)

TPSR presentation


Presenting our research at the VI4 Symposium (Apr 2019)



Anne’s farewell party! Wish you the best on your next journey 🙂 (Feb 2019)


coverLab1 (002)


Miranda giving a fantastic piano recital at Blair School of Music (Feb 2019)



Happy Holidays! Congrats to the Cover Lab (Lorena’s fine painting) for winning 1st place at ID Inaugural Decorating Contest.   (December 2018)



                 Lab lunch to celebrate the end of 2nd rotation and                                  end of the year! (Dec 2018)



Sai presenting a poster at Cancer Biology Retreat (Nov 16 2018)



Lunch to celebrate the end of first rotation! (Oct 2018)



Miranda presenting a poster at Undergraduate Research Symposium (September 2018)



Graduate student poster session (August 2018)



We were so lucky to have an amazing group of summer students.  (August 2018)



 Summer students – Mandy, Nora, and Miranda, presenting their summer projects! Great job!   (August 2018)



Lab lunch to welcome our new summer students Miranda, Nora, and Mandy   (June 2018)



ASM Microbe Conference in Atlanta, GA (June 2018)



Annual Vanderbilt Career Symposium  (June 2018)



 Couldn’t ask for more: an afternoon of fresh air and good food at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Employee Picnic  (May 2018)



Cover lab members at Digestive Disease Research Center (DDRC) Retreat (April 2018)

Congratulations to Nora and Rhonda for winning first and second place Poster Presentation awards!



Cover lab members at Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology and Inflammation (VI4) Symposium (April 2018)



Happy Pi(e) Day! Thanks to Nora for organizing this event. (March 14, 2018)



Big congrats to Amber who has successfully defended and officially becomes Dr. Amber.  (Jan, 2018)amber-1


Congratulations to Amber (Oops, I should say Dr. Amber) who has passed her closed defense! (Dec, 2017)



Enjoying feast at PMI Holiday party!! 🙂 (Dec, 2017)



Celebratory qual passage dinner at Amber’s apartment (Nov, 2017)



Had a great day at LST|CON learning about the life science industry in TN (Nov, 2017)



Congratulations to Sai & Lorena for passing your Qualifying Exams!           (Nov, 2017)

IMG_2696 (1)


Rhonda had a wonderful time recruiting for Vandy at ABRCMS! (Nov, 2017)



Rhonda enjoying lobsters at Cold Spring Harbor with alum Carrie!             (Sep, 2017)



Congratulations to Dr. Frick-Cheng! You’ll be missed dearly! (May, 2017)



Infection and Immunology symposium, here we come! (Apr, 2017) 



We love watching the seasons change on our beautiful campus! (2016)



Rhonda and Amber at ASM Microbe 2016! (Jul, 2016)

asm microbe


Congratulations to Dr. Brad Voss! (May, 2016)



On the way to celebrate Brad’s defense! (May, 2016)



Cover Lab at poster sessions at Vanderbilt Symposium! (Apr, 2016)