John T. Loh, Ph.D


Dr. John T. Loh  is investigating pathways that regulate gene expression in H. pylori. Specifically, his research has focused on understanding how H. pylori controls expression of its genes in response to the small molecule autoinducer AI-2 produced by the bacteria.  When autoinducers, such as AI2, reach a threshold concentration, they interact with bacterial regulatory components, leading to population dependent changes in gene expression.  He has used microarrays to identify putative genes that are regulated by AI-2.  From this pool, he has utilized gene reporter systems to validate the microarray results.  John hopes that by using this two-step method of identification and validation, he will be able to identify components that are necessary for establishment and maintenance of H. pylori infection.  Another area of interest includes the investigation of two-component signal transduction systems that regulate H. pylori gene expression, and the analysis of factors (e.g. environmental or produced by the host cells) that alter bacterial gene expression. Outside of lab, John enjoys trying new restaurants and swimming.