Research group


Current Graduate Students

Xiangming Sun

Research topic: Sharp and diffuse interface approaches for localized corrosive dissolution

Expected graduation: June 2020

 Gourab Ghosh

Research topic: Stabilized finite element formulation of fracture propagation using cohesive interface elements

Expected graduation: June 2020

 Vignesh Kumar Devendiran

Research topic: Modeling hydromechanical fracture and shear failure in ice shelves and glaciers using continuum damage mechanics

Expected graduation: June 2021

Past Postdoctoral Scholars


Pranav Karve

Research topic: Finite element modeling of pressure and shear wave propagation in soft tissues

Appointment: September 2016 – August 2017

Personal Website

Past Graduate Students

Anup Aryal (graduated: July 2014)

M. S. Thesis Title: A coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian extended finite element formulation for moving interface problems and damage transport in hyperelastic media

Employer: DeSimone Consulting Engineers, New York


Stephen Jimenez (graduated: Dec 2017)

Ph. D. Dissertation Title: Damage Mechanics Approaches for Sharp and Diffuse Fracture Propagation: Application to Ice Sheet Fracture and Composite Delamination

Expected graduation: December 2017

Employer: Corvid Technologies, Greensboro, NC

Undergraduate Students

Connor Morency (Class of 2019)

Research project: Finite element analysis of ice shelf deformation using COMSOL

Current position: Ph.D. student at CU Boulder

Andrew McKinnis (Class of 2022)

Research project: Simulating marine ice sheet flow using Community Ice Sheet Model (CISM)

Chris Yankah (Class of 2022)

Research project: Phase field modeling of ice fracture using FEniCS open-source software

Song-min Cheon (Class of 2022)

Research project: Developing a Cyber-Learning Ice Flow and Fracture Simulation (CLIFFS) using C3STEM learning enviornment

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