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FCAI Psychometrics App

vcai1Together with the Frist Center for Autism and Innovation (FCAI), I am building a psychometrics app for testing the visual capabilities of people on the autism spectrum. We plan to distribute the app to people who work with autistic individuals in the hope that those who perform well can be matched with jobs that suit their talents. Currently 85% of adults on the autism spectrum are unemployed or underemployed, so we feel this is an important field of research. I am working on this with Dr. Frank Tong in the Department of Psychology and Dr. Dave Caudel at FCAI. Gordon Kiesling, a former Vanderbilt undergraduate, has also contributed tremendously to this project.
A preliminary version of the FCAI Psychometrics App has been completed. Contact Keivan Stassun or Dave Caudel for more details.