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The Politics of Presidential Appointments: Political Control and Bureaucratic Performance. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press (2008).

Chapter 2

Data for Figure 2.1

Chapter 4

Data for Figures 4.2 and 4.3 (Descriptions of variables in sheet 2 of Excel file)

Chapter 5

Politicization Over Time Data (1988-2005)
Codebook for Politicization Over Time Data

Time-varying covariates (Merged with Politicization Over Time Data)

Time-varying covariates Codebook

STATA batch file for Chapter 5 analysis

STATA batch file for Chapter 5 analysis (same as Politicization Over Time Data Excel File)

STATA time-varying covariates data for Chapter 5 analysis (same as Time-varying covariates Excel file)

Presidents and the Politics of Agency Design. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press (2003).

Administrative Agency Insulation Data Set

This is a data set of United States government administrative agencies created between 1946 and 1997. The data were used for all quantitative analysis in the book. Each agency created during this period is 1 observation. The data set excludes advisory, quasi-official, multi-lateral, educational and research agencies, and support offices common to all cabinet departments. An explanation of the data set, how the data was collected, and a description of the variables is included in the codebook below. Stata batch files for the models estimated in chapters 2, 5 are also included below. All users are advised to look at the data update before using the data for new projects. Please report any problems or questions to me.

Administrative Agency Insulation Data (APDesignData)

Code Book (Codebook)

Updates and Notes (UpdateNotes

Stata Batch Files (

Agency Creation Count Data

In Chapter 4 I estimate a series of models where the dependent variable is a count of the number of agencies created in the 1946-1995 period. The data set includes a count of the number of agencies created by departmental order, executive order, reorganization plan, and legislation in each year. It also includes a number of independent variables that I used for the models in Chapter 4. Persons interested in examining this data more carefully might also want to look at the data and batch files for “Agencies by Presidential Design” below.

Agency Creation Count Data (agencycountdata)

State Batch File (

Administrative Agency Insulation Event File

The agency insulation data set above has been expanded for event history analysis. In this expanded data set there are multiple observations for each agency to allow for the inclusion of time-varying covariates in parametric models of agency duration or hazard rates. This means, for example, that an agency created in 1946 and still in existence in 1997 will have 52 observations. In addition to a unique agency identifier and a variable indicating the year of observation, each observation includes the date the observation started, the date the observation ended, and the length of time the agency has been alive. Each observation also includes state variables, 0 for alive, and 1 for terminated. A more complete description of the data is included in the codebook below.

Event File Data Set (APDesignSpellData.xls)

Code Book (Eventfilecodebook)