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Public Commentary

“Do Agencies Have the Capacity to be Reasonable?” Commentary on The Reasoning State by Edward H. Stiglitz, Yale Journal on Regulation, November, 2022. [Read Article]

“Trump wanted to slash the federal government. But federal agencies are doing just fine.” Monkey Cage Washington Post, October 18, 2021 [Read article]

Submitted Testimony, Before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, Subcommittee on Government Operations On “Rebuilding the Federal Civil Service”, February 14, 2021 [Read testimony]

“Making Government Work Part I: Dispelling Myths About Civil Service, Vanderbilt Unity Project, January 11, 2021 [Read article]

“How to Solve the Vacancies problem that looms over federal government,” The Hill, June 4, 2020 [Read article]

“President Trump claims the FBI is tainted and its reputation in tatters. This graph shows he’s wrong.” Monkey Cage (Washington Post), December 16, 2017 [Read article]

“‘Deep State’ Claims and Professional Government,” The Regulatory Review, December 5, 2017 [Read article]

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“So far, Trump is really struggling as chief executive,” Monkey Cage (Washington Post), April 27, 2017 [Read article]

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“Overhaul of ‘crazy’ presidential appointee system needed”, November 4, 2016 [Watch video]

“Policymaking by (Bad) Anecdote,” The Regulatory Review, September 10, 2015 [Read Article]

“It’s time for civil service reform,” July 16, 2015 [Read press release]