David Lewis

Ongoing Research

Active Working Papers

Politicization and Compliance with the Law: The Case of the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998” (with Evan Haglund) Manuscript, Vanderbilt University.

“Congress, Responsiveness, and Agency Performance” (with Jennifer L. Selin and Abby K. Wood) Manuscript, Vanderbilt University.

“Slackers, Zealots, Screening and Sorting: How Politicization Drives Agency Performance by Changing Internal Labor Markets” (with Charles Cameron and John de Figueiredo) Typescript, Princeton University.

“The Paradox of Agency Responsiveness: A Federal FOIA Experiment” (with Abby K. Wood) Typescript, Vanderbilt University.

Campaigning for a Job: Obama for America, Patronage, and Presidential Appointments,” (with Camille D. Burge), manuscript, Vanderbilt University.


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