[framework for this guide]

In addition to the feminist assumptions on the previous page, we also bring an important assumption about teaching that serves as the framework for this guide.  Namely, we should try to align our practices with our values and beliefs–what Lee Shulman calls “habits of hand” with “habits of heart and head” (56).

  • Habits of head are our ways of thinking and knowing.
  • Habits of heart are the values that guide us.
  • Habits of hand are our practices, informed by our habits of head and heart

The three aren’t completely independent of the others.  Instead, they are interlocked and overlapping.

This framework comes from Lee Shulman’s notion of “signature pedagogies.”  For more, read Lee Shulman’s “Signature Pedagogies in the Professions” or Nancy Chick, Aeron Haynie, and Regan Gurung’s “From Generic to Signature Pedagogies.”

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