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Pinterest 101 for Small Businesses

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Over the course of my semester-long internship with SB Media, I’ve had the opportunity to expand my knowledge about various social media platforms. One platform that it has been particularly interesting to learn about is Pinterest. Coming into this internship, I had always wanted to learn more about Pinterest, specifically how small businesses might use this platform for marketing and advertising purposes. As such, this semester, I endeavored to learn the ins and outs of Pinterest advertising and marketing.

This blog showcases my learning trajectory with regards to Pinterest Business. I have structured this blog as a series of informational posts targeted at small business owners, covering topics ranging from how to create a Pinterest Business account to how to use Pinterest Analytics, and even how to maintain long-term success on the platform. I believe that this structure will allow my blog to live on as a helpful resource for small business owners looking to use Pinterest to increase engagement with their offerings, awareness about their brand, or conversions on their products.

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